Another award season without the GMD

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 13, 2012 20:42:50 January 13, 2012 20:42:50

Maybe heΓÇÖll be invited to present at the SAGs or the Oscars. So far though, his name has not appeared in relation to the Globes. And he certainly wonΓÇÖt hear his name called on January 24th when the Academy announces its nominees. So weΓÇÖll get little of Tom Cruise and, therefore, the presentation of Katie Holmes, on the carpets this season.

Maybe next year heΓÇÖll be honoured for his work in Rock Of Ages. Maybe next year heΓÇÖll be asked to perform a number from Rock Of Ages at the Oscars.

Anyway, hereΓÇÖs the GMD in Pittsburgh yesterday continuing to shoot Lee ChildsΓÇÖs One Shot. His wife Katie Holmes meanwhile is in New York, seen this morning with a red bag that you know she wanted to match with her shoes, continuing to baffle with her obvious and, frankly, amateur style.

By the way, Celebitchy posted a totally chills, chills, chills story on the GMD and the Church today about how the Church monitors him, controls him, and f-cks up those they call ΓÇ£suppressorsΓÇ¥.  Just in case you were curious about how Little Sci will grow up.

Splash, INF

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