Depressed and directionless and bitterly disappointed over recent professional failures and feeling stifled by a ruthless mentor, she is apparently on the verge – like a Britney verge. Except in her case, she’s lucky the pappies don’t have so much access. Wild, wild partying and an endless cocktail of serious drugs supplied by an unsavoury group of new friends who are as degenerate as they come, relentlessly pushing their poisons into her body. And apparently she’s too messed up to stand up and walk out. Word is she’s either “out of it” half the time or so wild on tilt with insatiable chemical appetite that even her people can barely control her. She has been late or absent from a few recent engagements and while she was fortunate enough to have her team make new arrangements on the fly, her reputation is beginning to suffer…though that’s not the biggest problem. The old friends fear the new friends are taking her down a dangerous path. Recent night out – by the end of the evening she was limp and lifeless and supposedly serviced by two different men and also at one point full on making out with another woman. She’s also been known to go missing, totally unreachable for hours at a time, and when she resurfaces, she’s a frightful mess. Of course there are those trying to help her. And some days, she knows and she tries. But when the night comes and that crowd is calling, it’s trouble all over again. Not Lindsay.