The Hurt Locker has managed to stay in the game. Because it’s so great. Even though it was released so long ago, The Hurt Locker is a top awards contender, there’s no doubt that the film will receive a nod for Best Picture and Katherine Bigelow could be the first female director to win a Best Director Oscar.

Locker’s lead Jeremy Renner is getting a lot of love. Well deserved. But Anthony Mackie is not getting much at all. And he should. Here’s Mackie quivering me last night at the NBR Awards in New York. Yes.

Hopefully he’ll be representing The Hurt Locker again at the Golden Globes on Sunday where it’s up for 3 awards.

Programming note:

Finally. We’re finally ready to liveblog! We’ll be liveblogging during the arrivals and through the telecast, Grey Goose in hand, aiming to be on the same drink pace as Ricky Gervais.

7pm EST on Sunday. Be here!

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