Following up the reveal of Captain America 2’s official title, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, THR announced exclusively that Anthony Mackie is in talks to join the franchise as Falcon, Steve Rogers’ modern-day friend and partner, who will help him face off with The Winter Soldier, his presumed-dead 1940s BFF, Bucky.

Basically, Captain America 2 is going to be a bromantic triangle. Given that the dudes involved are Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and now Mackie, I am totally okay with that.

Mackie’s name has been linked to Marvel before, going back a few years now. Many thought he’d be tapped to play Luke Cage, and more recently he was tied up in the speculation about a possible Black Panther movie. As with most things Marvel, the truth turned out to be buried under a mountain of falsehoods, and while Mackie was indeed in Marvel’s sights, it was for a character no one really talked about.

So who is Falcon? He’s one of the earliest black superheroes, and he’s got a long, twisty history. The basics are that he’s got a criminal past and can talk to birds/fly (I could live without the talking to birds part). I have a feeling, though, that the movie will take its cue from the recent Ultimates comics and Falcon will be a SHIELD agent with a scientific bent whose power is tech-based. I like the idea of a nerdy Mackie who can also kick ass.

It’s become Marvel’s habit to sign actors on the rise, catching them on the way up. Mackie has been enjoying a steady rise since co-starring in The Hurt Locker, working with everyone from Matt Damon to Hugh Jackman to Ryan Gosling. He’s currently filming Runner, Runner with Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake (eyeroll), and he’s got Gangster Squad later this year. But the big get for actors these days is a superhero role. All the young guys—and many of the girls—want these parts. Mackie’s resume is impressive and keeps getting better and now he’s got a superhero of his own.

Anthony Mackie, Movie Star?

Oh. Yes. PLEASE.


Attached - Mackie at the premiere of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter last week.