This is probably the movie I want to see the most coming out of Sundance. Have heard so much great feedback. The film stars Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones, and last year's Sundance breakout Jennifer Lawrence. It's about love long distance. And it's total improv. Blue Valentine is kinda like this too. Trending?

Anton fans may be few. But that doesn't mean they're not ardent. I hear from you all the time. So here are a selection of photos of him at Sundance 2011. Walked by him on Main Street the other day. He's actually a lot cuter in person. And stands out among the gross army of douchebags that have taken over this town. Am told he's funny but shy, and not up his own ass, yet, but might need to be careful spending too much time in these environments that, surrounded by so much pretension, he might start picking it up himself. It's contagious around here.

Photos from Larry Busacca/Michael Buckner/Jamie McCarthy/