Two years ago, there was a Holiday Hoff Contest on this site asking readers to submit photos of celebrities inspired by David Hasselhoff’s cheese. The eventual winner nominated Antonio Banderas in these photos… as you can see, he is unquestionably channelling the Hoff. And with great success.

Now Antonio is launching his own fragrance for men, appropriately titled Blue Seduction… which of course reminds me of Blue Steele – Ben Stiller’s hilarious send up of male models in Zoolander. Antonio and Melanie Griffith arrived in Argentina yesterday on promo tour. As you can see, his Euro Cheese hasn’t gone mouldy.

On the plus side, looks like Mel has eased off the plastic surgery addiction. Am happy they are still together. If they ever split, she’d become Sad Smut. Trust.

PS. Remember that soft porn flick he shot with Angelina Jolie a few years ago. Original Sin? Remember the sex scenes? Rarely do I cringe when Angie is naked on film. But with Antonio? The opposite of hot.

Photos from Splash