So... the tassel between his legs?

Said it before, will say it again: don’t understand why Antonio Banderas has his own fragrance. Two, actually. The first one is Blue Seduction. And now the new one, just launched yesterday in New York, is called The Secret.

I went new fragrance shopping last week with my best gay Darren. Took us forever to decide on something we both liked. But when I got home my straight husband didn’t approve of my gay husband’s choice. We are all particular about the way we smell and the way our lovers and potential lovers smell. So in making those decisions, why would I ever stop to consider Antonio Banderas into my decision?

Anyway, in addition to introducing the smell of his Secret at the event, Antonio also took the opportunity to present his photography. I’m more entertained by his amazingness at the photo wall. Sometimes Euromen are so f-cking cheese it makes my life.

Photos from and Larry Busacca/