Received an email this morning from a major Channing Tatum fangirl called Melanie B:

hi lainey! my birthday just passed, its the 18th of november and I just turned 19 and finished exam week!

I dont think I've ever read a complimentary post about Channing Tatum on the website, except to compare him with kellan lutz, which really isnt saying much. I know everyone has different opinions on channing, and a lot of people dont like him either.

He might not be that talented or bright, but he is one of the sweetest, genuinely nice and humble actor out there. He's not a famewhore, super loving and loyal to his wife, and the BEST sport with fans. (sorry, inner fangirl coming out a bit)

You often post stories about spoiled, annoying, mean, snobby and smug untalented actors. So what about giving a very, very, very nice actor some support?

The new trailer for 'The Vow' just came out. LOVE it, rachel and channing look adorable together.
It would be SO GREAT if you could just post one nice story about him. Dont just focus on his not-so-good acting, but him as a person, maybe?

If people with horrible personalities like justin timberlake or kellan lutz get to have more stories, could you please give an honestly good person a chance? :D

Big UPS to Melanie for being able to be an objective fan.

I actually wanted to do a post about the new The Vow trailer yesterday on Rachel McAdams’s birthday but for most of the day it was exclusive to MTV which will not stream outside the USA so I wasn’t able to actually watch until well into the afternoon, at which point Demi Moore took over.

It’ll have to be a belated birthday post then. By the way - Rachel spent her birthday in London where her boyfriend Michael Sheen is performing. And he met up with her, and some friends, for dinner after his show last night. So they’re still together and very happy.

As for The Vow...

Dear John is, like, one of Sasha’s all time favourite movies. I promise you you’ll have to carry her out of the theatre when she sees The Vow. In fact, I just emailed her the link to the new trailer with this caption: Is this going to be your new all time favourite movie?

To which she replied:

I’m not even going to click on the link because I’m hoping you know me well enough to know that I’m already obsessed with the vow.  The anticipation to cry during that movie is bringing me so much joy.


But the thing with this trailer is...

I actually preferred the first one. It’s WAAAAAY more corny in the way this movie is supposed to be corny. Here, I’ll attach back to back - the new one first and the old one second. Agree or disagree?

Say something good about Channing Tatum...

OK, here, I have something:

I really, really enjoyed the trailer for 21 Jump Street. Like, shockingly. I mean, I laughed. Several times. Very hard. Like “beat your dick off” hard. And now I SO want to see it. Which...I never thought I would say that when they announced they were doing this.

You know, Channing Tatum might surprise me. And I would not be surprised if Channing Tatum was selected Sexiest Man Alive next year.