Happy Valentine’s Day indeed! New Radiohead album drops Saturday! More info here. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

If you missed our liveblog, click here. Needless to say, I’m chuffed about Arcade Fire winning the top award. And giving big love to Montreal so Carrie Underwood can suck it.

Here’s the thing about Grammy fashions though – it’s not unlike the VMAs, if you’re saying WTF, that is exactly the intended reaction. Do musicians have licence to dress as outlandishly as possible? We can debate this for weeks. What we can all agree on is that they’re not dressing for the usual standard. At an event when Lady Gaga shows up in an embryo, you know it’s not the usual. So please, if you’re going to come at it like – omg, that sh-t on Nicki Minaj is so ugly… save it. This is not that carpet. Store it up for the Oscars, we’re less than two weeks away.

How is Mick Jagger still alive? And not only alive but SO ALIVE? He moves like a 20 year old. He sounds like a 20 year old. He has abused his body with every kind of sh-t there is. And still he’s hopping up and down like some kind of genetic freak. I am obsessed with this. Because there are people who take care of themselves their whole lives, not a cigarette, not a drink, and they succumb to the ass of life. And this guy, goddamn, it doesn’t f-cking stop.

But we’re fighting over Gwyneth, aren’t we?

Sarah and I both thought she was good. And she looked even better. And no matter what you thought of her performance, she was probably even more insufferable backstage holding hands with Beysus. What? You had advance notice that this would happen.

Oh shut up Gwyneth this is not about you why do you have to take over every conversation I hate you so much.

There, I saved you an email!

But you’re right, this Grammy intro is about Arcade Fire. So here’s Arcade Fire. But I really do wish they hadn’t turned off Barbra Streisand’s mic.

Photos from Kevin Winter/Gettyimages.com