Archie Panjabi attended the San Andreas premiere in Hollywood yesterday. And instead of just walking the red carpet, she did stop for interviews. Here’s how this sh-t usually works – if the celebrity doesn’t want to answer certain questions about certain topics, the publicist will give you a warning. “No personal questions. Do not ask about XYZ.” Most of the time, you have to comply. Because otherwise they’ll throw you off the press line.

In Archie’s case, the big question is about her relationship with Julianna Margulies and The Good Wife. And whether or not they actually shot their final scene together or if it was, as reported, done through computer trickery. Duana covered this extensively recently – click here for a refresher.

E! News was able to get off that question. Which means they weren’t specifically told not to ask the question. Which means Archie didn’t mind answering it. And here’s how she went about doing that:

"All I can say is this: the decision making process is not something I'm privy to."

Oh you’ve said enough, Archie. In this case, if she’s not denying it, she’s basically confirming it. Confirming what? Well, that Julianna Margulies couldn’t be in the same room as her. Julianna Margulies, the actor, couldn’t shoot a scene with a fellow actor, for whatever reason.

Will Julianna Margulies answer the same question though? Or, when it comes time for Julianna to do press for next season, will the publicists outlaw the Archie talk?