Here’s Karl being Karl at the Chanel Little Black Jacket party in New York last night with Linda Evangelista. You can hate all you want but I am ALL OVER what she’s wearing, especially those shoes.

Karl also stepped out the night before for the Gordon Parks Centennial Gala at the Museum of Modern Art. Anna Wintour was there too but I can’t find any pictures of them together. There are also no pictures of Anna at the Little Black Jacket event last night.

Was Anna too busy for Karl? Too busy for Chanel? Is it nothing? Is there something? Is it Carine Roitfeld?

You remember after the MET Gala I kept saying that Chanel seemed very underrepresented? It’s not like Karl’s never been to the MET Gala either. He was there last year with Blake Lively draped all over him - click here for a refresher. This year, not only did Karl not show, he also made some rather curious remarks about the Costume Institute’s exhibit (featuring Schiaparelli and Prada this year):

"I am against museums and exhibitions in fashion. One woman said to me — 'In my world, the world of art' — so I said: 'Oh, don't you make dresses any more?' ... If you call yourself an artist, then you are second-rate." (Source)

Anna Wintour is, like, the Grand Poobah Dowager Bitch of that situation. And there’s Karl walking around calling it “second-rate”?

Azzedine Alaia declared open warfare on Anna last year. Karl would never, right? Anna and Karl are fiiiine, right? I’m sure they’re fine. Tonight they’ll turn up somewhere together and it’ll prove that I’m just crazy.

(But then why are my smutty senses tingling?)