Here’s Jay-Z last night in London at the UK premiere of Men In Black 3. Jay and Kanye West kick off 5 nights of Watch The Throne at the O2 on Friday. Currently there is no sign of Beyonce there. B plays 4 shows in Atlantic City next weekend for Memorial Day, her first performances since the birth of the B.I.C. in January, starting on May 25. As you know, Beyonce is a perfectionist. Her stage ethic is impressive. So she’s probably rehearsing right now. We’re just a week out. I’m not sure, given that she’s preparing for a comeback of sorts, that she’d hitch the baby up on her back to cross the Atlantic for a few nights only to disrupt her schedule before her shows. Besides, Kim Kardashian has accompanied Kanye to London.

There’s been a lot of speculation as to how they’ll all make it work, now that Kanye has convinced himself he’s in love with it. No one understands branding and association more than B. And it’s not like B needs Kim Kardashian’s Twitter followers either. B’s doing fine on the social network all by herself. So while KK desperately wants to be friends with B, I’m hoping B’s in no hurry to make it a double. I’m hoping that she and Jay would prefer to limit their doubling to Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow.

This time the schedule may be bailing them out, helping to avoid an awkward situation requiring them to tell Kanye to his face that they’d rather not be seen with him and his piece. But how much longer can they put it off?