The internet is reporting that Beyonce and Rihanna might be collaborating on a remix of B’s song Blow. Apparently a track has been registered that has both their names on it. Click here to see.

You believe?

I believe that if it’s true, it’s another OBVIOUS IN YOUR FACE way for B to address some of those rumours. That JayZ and Rihanna hooked up. That they aren’t speaking because they hate each other. People have been talking that sh-t for a long time.

Blow is a good song. But I’m not sure if it’s a Rihanna song. I’m not sure if it’s a Rihanna sound. That said, they’d blow my mind if they collaborated so I’m all good with the idea of it, though Partition might be better, non? Would Bey ever share the Partition though?

We’ve a week to go before we see her, and presumably JayZ, at the MTV VMAs where Drunk In Love has a few nominations. And, of course, B’s receiving the Video Vanguard Award. I don’t want to build up the moment too much but…how can you help it with all the noise going on about her marriage?

Attached – Rihanna out for dinner in New York last night.