UK gossips are rumouring that Harry Styles has started up a situation with model Daisy Lowe, daughter of Gavin Rossdale and ex-girlfriend of Matt Smith. They went to a birthday party together, and any hot girl seen in his vicinity is, naturally, totally f-cking him. Since the two were both at the British Fashion Awards last night, that means it has to be true. I could handle Harry and Daisy. Especially since we were threatened with Harry and a Kardashian. Kinda puts things in perspective, non?

Ummmm…Harry in the scarf and the suit.

Ummmm…Harry and all that hair.

So, I’m reading a new book called The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh. It’s about a woman on vacation in Mallorca with her husband and their teenage daughter. She brings her boyfriend. Who is HOT. And, well, I don’t have a kid, but it’s not hard to imagine being in a similar situation. The discomfort that Jenn, the protagonist feels, and her inability to kill her attraction, or deny it…

Act on it?

I don’t know. Haven’t gotten there yet. But I feel as anxious and as exhilarated as she does for Harry Styles.