Even George Clooney has one. You remember his aunt Starla? The Rogue Relative? Aunt Starla told the Daily Mail that Brad Pitt would probably be his best man and, as I wrote at the time, Aunt Starla didn’t know sh-t. Click here for a refresher. Looks like Jennifer Lawrence has a Rogue Relative too…


Carolyn Koch, Jennifer’s grandmother (presumably maternal), told the UK Sun that:

“Jennifer's mum flew to Los Angeles to meet Chris. We will have to get another chair for the dinner table at Christmas. The family is getting so big we might have to split up for gatherings.” (Source)

Why do Rogue Relatives always talk to trashy British papers?

So Grandma says that Martin Lawrence will be together for the holidays. Chris Martin in Kentucky? That’s an easy story with easy headlines to stick it up Gwyneth’s ass:

Chris Martin’s first vegan-free Christmas dinner in over a decade!

The point is, if you believe Grandma, Martin Lawrence is that serious, so serious that he’s getting his own chair at the holiday table and might have to sneak into her room from the guest room upstairs once everyone has gone to bed. Fine.


I just…

I just wish he wasn’t so… dull.

Here’s Jennifer at the London Film Festival for Serena. It’s taken forever for Serena. Everyone thought Serena would be a big deal, especially given the cast. Instead, Serena’s going straight to VOD in February. While there’s less and less embarrassment about straight to VOD these days, a Jennifer Lawrence-Bradley Cooper feature that was so hyped going straight to VOD is a story. But that story too is kind of underwhelming.

Because, well, if it’s not a good movie then at least let it be so spectacularly bad that that becomes the entertainment. Those were the rumours anyway. That Serena was a total bust, the kind of movies Johnny Depp makes now. But Serena isn’t that either. It’s just… an ordinary not-very-good but not horribly, hilariously awful film. (Source)

And we’re back to Chris Martin again. A shrug.

Great outfit though. And hair too.