Heat. SAG Heat. That was the title of my post yesterday about Lupita Nyong’o and Jared Leto – click here for a refresher. As mentioned, my Video Assumption was that the way they were interacting with each other – as he pulled her closer while they were presenting and how she leaned back into him with his arm around her just off centre stage – was a sign of … something.

Many of you agreed. Others thought she didn’t want anything to do with him. But yesterday US Weekly and several other sources reported that they were indeed pretty flirty with each other at the after-party. Lupita apparently broke up with K’Naan last year. And Jared was apparently really into her, throwing down all his best moves.

Are you Gossip Genie-ing this?


First of all, it’s GREAT for gossip. Also…they looking f-cking GREAT together. Almost too great. So much beauty in one frame usually makes me bitter over time. For now though, for now, a year after their concurrent Oscar runs, when we can fictionalise the narrative that he waited and waited, it’s working for me. Not for life, but for right now, totally, yes.