Zoe Kravitz accompanied her father Lenny to the Catching Fire LA premiere last night. Is this the hottest father-daughter combination in the history of everything? Jesus! It’s TOO MUCH.

Zoe’s wearing Balenciaga. It’s the same dress Kristen Wiig wore in white last week. Click here to see. I liked it on Wiig. I LOVE it on Zoe. Here’s what I don’t love on Zoe…

That’s Zoe, looking impossibly cool and beautiful, on DRAKE’s TOUR BUS…

Yes. They’re perfect together.

Yes. I would totally watch that sex tape.

Yes. I know it makes sense on every level possible.


What about Rihanna!?!?

Zoe might be coming between my dream couple.

Then again, if I’m Drake, that’s a very good love move. Zoe Kravitz is a pretty good way to go after Rihanna.