This post is written with no tone, no expression. At least that's the attempt.

I Can't Ariana Grande performed at the Victoria's Secret fashion show in London last night. It must have been a terrifying incident because her face, the fear on her face. If you isolate the expression on her face, the FEAR the FEAR the FEAR, you might ask – what could have possibly happened to warrant all that FEARRRR?

It's like she's in mortal danger, right? I don’t think I’ve ever been as afraid of anything compared to how afraid I Can’t Ariana Grande is of those wings. Those mean wings! Those mean wings are making her cry. Look, she’s about to cry. It’s terror and then it’s tears. She’s going to burst into tears.

And the reason?

At one point, the angel wings from one of the models clipped her. I have attached the series of photos that illustrate this terrifying, horrific, dreadful, gruesome incident.


But then after, on Twitter, the tears were gone. All better.