I Can’t Ariana Grande is in London presumably promoting her album? I think it’s called Dangerous Woman. But it may also be called Moonlight. I don’t want to spend the time clarifying. Also there’s this:

So Dangerous Woman it is. She is?


The album comes out in May which means they’re hoping she’ll dominate summer radio with a summer jam. An entire I Can’t summer. Another one. Can you? I can’t. I don’t think I can. But we cannot expect life to be without its challenges.

I Can’t hosted Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago. I didn’t post about it but many of you emailed to say that you enjoyed her impressions. There were two impressions skits. The Jennifer Lawrence impression? Sure.

And then there was the Tidal sketch.

Ohhhh kayyyy. But when was the last time you watched Bruno Mars’s version of this from a few years ago. Click here (do it!), revisit that….aaaaand….

Are we done here?

She attempted Whitney. And it was wrong. He attempted MJ…WITH A MIC LEAN, and it was more than alright.  

So, again, are we done here?

Lainey, you’re such a biased c-nt.

Fine. I’ll say this: I Can’t Ariana Grande on SNL to me is like Justin Timberlake on SNL. He’s good because he’s being himself under the protection of being other people making fun of people. I Can’t is the same.