See? It’s that ONE f-cking side…ONLY! Click here for a refresher about Ariana Grande’s one side. Ever since Ben Mulroney made me notice, it’s become the only thing I notice about Ariana Grande – and you too. Because I kept getting emails and tweets about it from you last night.

Like, what would have happened if Miguel didn’t want to stand on her right side? And did you see her with Giuliana Rancic on the E! red carpet show? Everyone else stood on Giuliana’s right…EXCEPT for Ariana Grande who’s been famous for, maybe, two minutes.

Is it magic? Does she lose her voice? I just want to know what the consequences are. I just want to know whether or not it’s the apocalypse if she’s shot from the wrong side. I just want to know what we’re all afraid of here. Because the way they’re going about it, they’re turning one side of her face into a Pandora’s Box. Which is kind of amazing and I love this game.

As you can see, Ariana does that eye lift with her face the way all kids her age are posing – Bieber, Jaden Smith. It’s half surprise and half pre-sneeze. Am I too old to understand the emotion behind this expression? What is she feeling? Does she have feelings? I am not convinced.