In the last half of the year, Ariana Grande kept coming up a lot in our etalk morning meetings. One day, I finally asked, “Do I have to care about her!? Do I have to?” Apparently yes. And it’s only just building. They’re saying we will all have to care about Ariana Grande in 2014. Here’s Ariana Grande on the cover of the new Cosmopolitan.

I have no facts. Don’t know anything about her. Am putting it off until I have no choice but to do the research. So I can’t talk about Ariana Grande…except to say that she has a “side”. Ben Mulroney pointed it out to me a few months ago and now it’s the only thing I notice. Have you noticed? Her left side, almost exclusively. Even in pap photos it’s just that side! Watch the videos too. And when you think it’s the other side, it’s really just the one side, reverse-screened. Trust me, we’ve analysed this in studio. It’s my singular contribution to any discussion about Ariana Grande, thanks to Ben. This girl thinks she’s Mimi…already.

Also attached – Ariana Grande arriving in Tokyo today.