Ariana Grande was in Australia today to promote her new album. There was some drama. Apparently the media was made to wait an hour. Pfft. With Mimi it’s at least 3 hours. Then, when she was ready for the first photographer, her people supposedly passed on some strict instructions:

-No relationship questions
-Doesn’t want to talk about Mimi (As IF!)
-Nothing about Sam & Cat or Jennette McCurdy (I don’t know what this means and you don’t need to explain, I’m good)
-Justin Bieber
-Her grandfather’s death

Also…and here it comes…

*DON’T use natural light.
*DO shoot only from the left side of her face.

One photo was taken. She had to examine it. She was allegedly unhappy with it. So she shut everything down. Click here to see the picture. It’s the second one down, of her in a crop top over a gold skirt. Afterwards her people apparently demanded that the shot be deleted and when that was refused, one of her bodyguards reportedly harassed the photographers.

From that point, no more stills were taken but she did agree to video interviews and was reasonably pleasant.

You know… for that kind of behaviour to be tolerable, you have to make up for it with some personality, some rainbows, some hilarious EXTRA sh-t. Unicorns, baby talk, Jack Russell terriers… MIMI. I’m just not getting that from this one.

Sit Down over to the side for a few years before you start pulling this sh-t.

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