I Can’t  Ariana Grande posted a video message yesterday to apologise for being an asshole to donuts and the obese. This is her second apology. The first apology was in written form. Click here for a refresher.

As a standalone sorry, this video isn’t the worst celebrity apology we’ve ever seen. In some spots, it’s actually not bad, even though it’s really difficult to endure her mannerisms and her baby angst. The problem however is that it never would have happened if she didn’t get so much sh-t for her original apology on top of the sh-t she got for perpetrating the licking in the first place. It only makes you think that this is something she was told to do. Like a parent telling their child to go back a second time and greet grandma properly because the first go round was pathetic. The kid does it grudgingly but still ends up throwing herself onto her bed, screaming “I hate you! I hate you forever, mom and dad!” inside her head.

That’s Ariana Grande. In her head you, we, all still suck and we’re fat, and we’ve victimised her for no reason.

Here’s the video. You will find it a challenge to make it past the first 20 seconds. But who said gossip homework had to be easy.