Armie Hammer and his wife Elizabeth Chambers stepped out this weekend for the LACMA 50th anniversary gala. My first thought when I saw these pictures:

“Oh yeah, Armie Hammer.”

He was supposed to be a thing, wasn’t he?

He was supposed to be on the verge of a big career. And then he made those puppy noises in Mirror Mirror and after that he went down with Johnny Depp on the embarrassment that was The Lone Ranger and just like that, the heat was gone.

Hammer’s next film, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., with Henry Cavill, is coming out in August. So that’s Henry Cavill, the Superman no one cares about, and Armie Hammer who went cold. How then, if you’re the studio, do you generate some excitement around this project? God help us, will we have to deal with another Kaley Cuoco situation in Henry’s life?