My colleague Ben Mulroney, the host of etalk, is pretty tall. Probably 6 ft 2. I can’t remember Ben ever interviewing someone and having to hold the mic UP to the subject. Until I watched it on the monitor during the live red carpet show yesterday as he spoke to Armie Hammer. Armie Hammer looked to be at least a couple of inches taller than Ben. So I’d say Armie Hammer is a solid 6 ft 4. That is extremely unusual in Hollywood.

So I was going on about Annette Bening’s diction and how much I love listening to her speak and then Duana pointed out that Annette’s was not actually the best diction last night, that that distinction belongs to Armie Hammer, and it’s true. It’s a sign of breeding of course, the lack of “ums”, “ahs”, “likes”, “uhhhs”, and such, but according to Duana, it’s also a sign of extreme intelligence. Watch his interviews back from last night. He’s very, very articulate, quick, uses great sentence structure, but isn’t gross about his smartness. It’s quite attractive.

Someone really does need to teach him about not lifting up his chin so much on the red carpet though. I mean, he’s so tall, everyone would be shooting up his nose anyway, why make it any higher? Also, the wife was also one who changed between the show and the Vanity Fair party. I mean… really? Her? I can’t be bothered to memorise her name, and she had to change between events when most nominees, winners, major elites don’t bother? Maybe I’m making this too much of a thing.

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