Clint Eastwood is making a movie about J Edgar Hoover. Leonardo DiCaprio is confirmed as the lead. Joaquin Phoenix was said to have been in the running to play Leo’s gay lover. That was back in September – click here for a refresher.

But this is Hollywood. And goodwill never lasts. And for someone like Joaquin who has middle fingered too many people, not to mention the public, that goodwill seems to have expired on this project in favour of someone more popular and certainly more current.

According to Deadline, Armie Hammer, seen recently in The Social Network playing those tight rich twins, has been offered the part instead. With Clint directing, Leo starring, and Dustin Lance Black on the script...?

It’s a major prestige project. Total awards bait. So Armie’s career, it’s clearly flourishing. Which is why we need to work on some red carpet skills. Here he is at the Kenneth Cole store opening in Santa Barbara last month with his wife Elizabeth Chambers. It’s cute that he’s so sprightly and awkward. Now it is. But he’s not a 12 year old. No, he’s a 24 year old. And he married when he was 23. Elizabeth is 28.

I am trying really really hard not to be a cynical bitch.

Photos from Michael Kovac/