You remember my friend with all the hang-ups, even when people wear Converse? Click here if you missed that article yesterday. Well she also has one about shortened man-names that she finds infantile. I had to hear about it in another rant yesterday. Like "Bobby" instead of Bob for a dude who might now be over 25.

So I have to ask her what she thinks of Armie. As in Armie Hammer. Armie certainly isn't as weird to moan as, say, something like "Sherman" but I don't think Armie passes Lorella's name test.
Does he pass the Prince Charming test?

Armie plays the Prince in the Snow White movie starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts. Promotional photos of the cast in costume were released last week. I wrote to Sarah from Cinesnark at the time - am I supposed to believe that Armie Hammer falls in love with Lily Collins? Really??? Sarah was like, I know, right? Lily Collins presents very young and Armie Hammer, even though he presents more mature - he seems 30 doesn't he? - is actually just 25. Same year as Lindsay Lohan! In fact, he's a month younger!

Was Prince Charming a good career move for Armie Hammer? I'm not sure it's a stretch for him at all. With the parent-friendly cheesy news anchor-y smile, he already looks the part. The medieval equivalent of an Ivy League rower with good teeth and strong arms. I guess we'll see against type in J Edgar. But I still don't understand, after all that great hype generated from The Social Network, what's achieved from playing Snow White's Prince.

Armie and his wife attended the Giorgio Armani dinner last night in Beverly Hills hosted by Emma Stone.