Please… please don’t suck.

Like, you’re so amazing now because you make movies. And that is SO great. But there’s always the beginning. And the beginning was the best. The beginning was the Bluth. And the Bluths were killed too soon. But now they have new life. And you are apparently the only hold out.


They say they will move on without you with a $15 million budget, and everyone else is on board, including Mitch Hurwitz, which means it’s going to f-cking rock. And you won’t be a part of it. Because you’re better than Bluth?

Oh Michael Cera. SIT THE F-CK DOWN. And then stand up and be the George Michael only you can be. One day in the not too distant future, awkward and gawky won’t become you. And you’ll be begging for a job like this.

Just looking out for you.

No one likes a douchebag with a big head and an inflated ego who, while great at it, essentially plays the same character over and over and over again.

Yours in Arrested Development,