If you’ve been reading this site for a while, now in its third look!, you know how I feel about Arrested Development. Am still angry that people were too dumb to appreciate its brilliance.

For years now, they’ve been teasing us about an Arrested Development reunion/movie/whatever. But while there was always hope, there never seemed to be anything solid. Until now. This weekend at the New Yorker Festival, all the major players showed up for the Arrested Development Panel and creator Mitch Hurwitz revealed that the show is coming back - first on tv for a 9 to 10 episode mini-series that would cover each character’s backstory before moving to theatres for a film. According to Jason Bateman’s Twitter, they’re aiming to shoot next summer and roll it all out late 2012 or in 2013, in time for the 10th anniversary of the show.

There is of course a lot of business to take care of before the Bluths return. Fox was the network that carried the show but Deadline reports that negotiations are already underway with broadcasters.

This is the most promising and the most legitimate development so far, especially since Hurwitz not only went on record, but did so in the presence of his entire cast, with Ron Howard on the phone, and they all seemed to be already aware. Here’s video of it below. Or, if you just want to see the chicken dance, which Will Arnett seems to be able to do without hesitation, skip to the second clip. Come on!