They should probably be heading back to work soon on Season 4, non? GET ON IT!

Here are Arya Stark and Gendry the Baratheon bastard at the Tower of London last night at the launch of Season 3 on blinkbox in England. With all the advancements we’ve had in just about everything, you’d think tv people could figure out how to simulcast, non?

These pictures won’t help the problem of those Arya-Gendry shippers who want the two characters to make romance in Westeros. Gendry’s story is apparently different on the show than it is in the books which is why, I think, they have so much hope. Click here to read Joe Dempsie’s thoughts on a potential Arya-Gendry hookup.

Anyway, look at Arya (Maisie Williams), all of 16 now and wearing fancy shoes. I promise you, of all the articles we’ll post today, this is the one Duana will care about most. Because teenagers. And Gendry and his new short hair…

Is this what he’s doing on his rowboat? Cutting his hair?