He’s 36, she’s 21, and apparently she was sitting on his lap on Monday night sucking his face off – Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen, that is.

Not hard to see why he’d be attracted. Ashley is gorgeous – seen here last night leaving the Waverly after dinner with Sting and Slash and Owen Wilson and a few other not so notables. Her skin looks flawless.

For her sake however, best to keep it a one night flight – two at most. Because even though he’s the hotness, Lance is always always always all about Lance. Lance is a dickhead. And Lance will, and usually does, destroy a woman’s self worth by the time he’s done with her… especially if she’s a young girl as unseasoned as an Olsen. Ask his ex wife, ask Sheryl Crow…maybe even Tory Burch, although word is, she had no time for a prick who needed an accessory.

Photos from Splash