It’s the new black, remember? And never one to ignore a trend, Ashlee has picked up her very own case of wonky eye, along with a little bit o’ rag doll…love it. Yes, she looks like an Olsen, yes the new nose could have been a prelude to a lot of new things acquired at the doctor, but since it can’t be reversed, why continue harping on a nose job that happened 6 months ago? I’m down with the dress, I’m down with the scraggly hair, I love the makeup, and I particularly love that she stopped the thinnification before it became alarming. I am not, however, down with the possible homewreckage. An item in Page Six today, something about Ashlee canoodling with Taye Diggs who happens to be married to Idina Menzel, and if this is true, Ashlee better watch her ass man because Idina Menzel is rumoured to be a hardcore bitch. A lot of buzz a couple of years ago, she was doing Wicked with Kristen Chenoweth, didn’t like sharing the spotlight or acclaim, supposedly made Kristen’s life so miserable the poor girl left for Hollywood. Clearly, Idina Menzel is not the kind of girl you want to mansteal from. So they say. Source