Well, well…can you believe it? A Hollywood mother who believes in work ethic…sometimes? TMZ is reporting that Tina Simpson gave her daughter a good old fashioned tongue lashing immediately after her assy performance during the Dolly Parton tribute at the Kennedy Centre Honours the other night, “telling her that she should get out of the business if she doesn"t want to put in the work.” Sing it sister! New details have also emerged about the debacle, namely that Jess didn’t bother showing up for a dress rehearsal which is why she didn’t know the words, necessitating cue cards held up at the front of the stage while she was singing. You call this a professional??? Unfortunately for the Simpsons, it seems Mom knows best but Dad is still dirty Pimp. And Joe’s reaction afterwards was typical – he thought it was cute and didn’t think it had to be redone, even though the show is scheduled to be broadcast nationwide later on this month. Show producers obviously disagreed and after some desperate requests, Joe finally agreed to let his baby try it one more time. Can you imagine? Can you imagine having a parent who settles for half ass? Who thinks it’s ok to writhe around half naked in a bikini and make sucking motions with an ice cream cone but who does not see the need to correct an embarrassing performance when given the luxury of a 2nd chance? Is there any wonder why this bitch is so f&cked up? https://www.tmz.com/