Us Weekly is reporting that Jennifer Aniston sought the services of Ashlee Simpson’s special nose doctor and underwent the knife herself on January 20th because…wait for it…she had a deviated septum that was preventing her from sleeping and breathing properly – the official word from her publicist Stephen Huvane who, as Us Weekly has also pointedly reported, hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with the truth on more than one occasion. The magazine goes on to say that Jennifer “Jen has hated her nose ever since her first nose job. She always said how lousy it was and that her nose was still too wide.” So is it out of the ordinary for a celebrity to fix up her face? Absolutely not. Happens all the time, every day. But THIS particular celebrity has always denied enhancement. THIS particular celebrity has cultivated an image out of convincing people she’s Au Naturel – with the help, of course, of the Zone Diet and a steady stream of cigarettes. But there have long been those rumours, brought to light again by a former roommate and actress last year who delivered a monologue with details about a certain “Friend” who rose to fame after moving her hairline, changing her nose, and icing her nipples – click here and here here for full details As you would expect, Huvane vehemently denied the claims at the time with an impassioned plea to the MiniVan Majority to uphold their faith that their heroine is indeed still “what you see is what you get”…right? Well not so according to Us Weekly. According to Us Weekly Jen bought herself a new nose then and she’s tweaking the original purchase now. And so the question becomes – did Jen stop at a nose? Or did she opt for everything else too? You tell me. Us Weekly