Damn. Now I can’t decide who’s worse: Dina Lohan’s vicarious living or Joe Simpson’s child slave labour…sorry for the crass but it’s like comparing sh-t to diarrhea. So you know about Jessie’s meltdown at the Kennedy Center Honours, right? That she was subsequently cut from the show – reportedly at her request – and consequently not paid for her troubles: hair, makeup, clothing, accommodations - it all adds up, you know. Apparently to the tune of $15,000. A LOT of money to us…chump change for someone who easily drops that much cash on a carrybag for her dog. But for someone like Joe, even though he’s already living large (this is after all a man accustomed to cracking the whip over her tits in order to pad his bank account), losing out on that kind of cash AND seeing a golden New Year’s Eve opportunity slip through his pervy little fingers must be akin to medieval torture. According to TMZ, that’s the source of the current conflict between father and child. Jess was supposedly offered to host the party at Pure – subsequently taken over by Britney. Instead she turned it down, opting for a more low key affair that we now know involved John Mayer. When Joe found he lost his sh-t, incensed over the fact that his employee for life was stupid enough to enjoy an evening out for free, without the benefit of a paycheque. Because that’s just what loving parents do…and you wonder why she’s f&cked in the head? But although she actually did the unthinkable and went against his wishes for a change, I’m thinking her decision was based less on Backbone than on Man-bone which, really, isn’t that much better. Hate to throw out the spirit of Oprah in this case but Jessica Simpson will always be the kind of girl who lives for a guy. And right now, much to the displeasure of John Mayer fans, he happens to be the one controlling the Bimbo. TMZ