Not that the Spears are defensible in any way, not that Britney ever had enough structure and guidance…but still. If it were Natalie Portman’s parents doing the judging, I’d be like – sure, 100%, go for it. But Joe Simpson? Joe Simpson judging the Spears??? Bitch… please. An interview with In Touch, Papa Joe opines on the Britney situation: "I would never let that happen to my daughters. Hopefully, her family will take care of the situation." He also weighs in on Nick Lachey vs John Mayer: "Unlike Nick, John already has an established career, so Jessica doesn"t have to compete with him." Seriously. The man is seriously a putz. This is the same pervy Joe who routinely talks about his daughter’s tits, right? And the same dude who raised Ashlee Simpson? The same Ashlee Simpson who “naturally” lost all that weight last year? And butchered her nose? And acid refluxed herself off of Saturday Night Live? And got drunk at McDonald’s in Toronto and used her fame to belittle the employees? Well f&ck me, if that doesn’t reflect solid upbringing, I don’t know what does…to say nothing of Jessica’s long list of illustrious accomplishments, including being too lazy to prepare for a Dolly Parton tribute performance. And how’s that for work ethic and values? Dear Joe: shut your ass, bitch. And get back to pimping your children. Because that’s what family is for, seen? Source