It"s the last time I"m going to gloat this week…I promise. But this is for the haters, like Jamie L, who wrote to me not too long ago questioning the validity of my gossip. Well, well, well. I am nothing if not vain, shallow, and petty above all things. Which means that when I call something - or better yet - when my sources bring me solid gold scoop 4 months in advance and it turns out platinum several weeks later, I have to roll in it like a pig in sh*t…you get my drift? 

On January 2, 2006 I wrote about the Hollywood Diet Doctors and a controversial medically supervised weight loss system gaining popularity among young starlets eager to drop a few pounds over a very short period. At the time, I heard that the next high profile client on the food free plan was none other than Ashlee Simpson. And wouldn"t you know it, a very slender, very streamlined Ashlee Simpson showed up in Australia last week to host the MTV Awards. The twiggy arms, the oversized head, the telltale points on the corners of her jaw that my friend Dr. Beth calls "symptoms of starvation" - give it another 2 months and Jessie"s little sister will be on the cover of every rag from Us to Star to the National Enquirer, rivalling Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan and Anna Kournikova for anorexic supremacy. And you still think I"m full of sh*t???