Her name is Hania, she’s Mischa Barton’s younger sister, also an actor, rumoured to have been admitted to rehab for addiction to prescriptions drugs and I can only presume that the Ashlee Simpson Syndrome is going on here, only instead of manifesting itself in the form of a remodeled nose, she’s chosen to handle it by eliminating food – or so it appears anyway. I mean those legs… look at those legs. Love the tights, the tights are adorable, but the legs frighten me. The legs are almost Allegra Versace and for a minute there I thought she was Nicole Richie. Or MK Olsen. And no, it’s not funny. It’s not funny at all. What it is is heartbreaking. Because living in that fishbowl spotlight is one thing, but living just outside of it in the cold shadow when you probably want to be warmed under the glow yourself comes with another set of neuroses…poor thing. Three words: Jamie Lynn Spears. Two more words: Allie Lohan. Will they be spared? Source