I’d say the Hollywood Diet Doctors have earned themselves another slamdunk success story, non? Longtime readers of my column will note that I reported this way back in December, that Ashlee had become the latest client of a frightening new slimming method and now lo and behold – the transformation is complete. Check out the new thinnified Ashlee Simpson - half Jessie, half Richie, all bones, and quite obviously wasting away. Some people say you can’t always blame the parents. In normal life, in our own modest existence, I would totally agree with that. But when we’re talking about Hollywood, about children thrown into the showbiz fray by ambitious parents living vicariously through their spawn, with no regard for the dangerous expectations of an industry built on compromised values – I think blaming the parents is absolutely appropriate. And don’t tell me her f&cking pig of a father doesn’t know exactly what’s going on. If it were my mother – I’d get pulled off tour faster than you can say monkey monkey https://www.laineygossip.com/ArticleList.aspx?ID=2833, as would anyone else with halfway decent parents not interested in pimping out every possible drop of juice from 2 brainless daughters. So while I’m not usually in the habit of sympathising with celebrity anorexics, in this case, I think I’ll throw the poor girl a bone. Like MK and Lindsay before her, Ashlee’s greatest tragedy was being born to a degenerate perv. I do love that dress though. Sorry…was that insensitive?