Us Weekly is reporting that friends and family of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have been asked to save the date this Saturday. Translation: Joe Simpson saw the hype that happened when Mariah married Nick and called up Janice Min to kiss her ass and offer her a golden nugget. Looks like she accepted.

Problem: Ashlee is NOT Mimi. Hell no.

The rehearsal dinner will go down per tradition on Friday night. Guests have not been told the location – which his supposed to be “top secret” – as formal invitations are to arrive later this week.

Like it would matter?

News of Ashlee’s pregnancy barely registered interest… so why would a Wentz wedding be any different? Her album tanked, her clothing line doesn’t matter, and now a baby/wedding media play that no one cares about…

Here’s Ashlee last week starting to show. Seriously, how bored are you?