Rejected by Ryan Phillipe? Oh shame. Saturday night at Les Deux, the story is that Ashlee apparently tried to work it on Ryan but was met with disinterest, which I find hard to believe. Not that she made a play for him but that he turned it down. This is Ryan Phillipe, remember? The same Ryan Phillipe carb face cheeseball who drops cheeseball lines on dimwitted 20 year olds impressed by big words and his cheeseball attempts at Shakespearean sonnets, who only hits on girls who see him hand and hand with his wife and children on the cover of a magazine and still allow themselves to be lied and devalued with a textbook line. In other words – Ashlee Simpson. Young Ashlee Simpson is totally his type, non? And perhaps his only type? Because seriously…what grown woman, what THINKING woman would??? And while we’re at it, as my cousin Cat pointed out the other day, is he ever NOT in a wifebeater? Just asking. Source