Those extensions are still a budget mess but those boots are fantastic, fantastic overall in fact, and much much better than that prom dress she chose for the Opera last week . But even if the hair is still Simpson, it seems as though Sienna"s Sampson curse is on the reverse, now that the short locks have been camouflaged by some length, restoring a certain feng shui balance to her life. Professionally, word on the street is that she will blow people away in Factory Girl, earning her the new title as Harvey Weinstein"s Golden Girl, and he"s expected to campaign hard for his new Gwyneth. Personally, by all accounts, she and Jude are stronger than they"ve been in months and they were seen together on this day, out and about in London over the weekend, with his children, no screaming matches, no drama, just two people drawn together almost obsessively, not unlike Kate and Pete, without the hardcore heroin and the looming possibility of a tragic artist overdose. And at times like these, when Sienna shows no skank, I can definitely see her charm…so long as she holds her sh*t together, savvy?