Some people love magazines. They savour them in the bath or in the morning or whenever there"s a stolen moment. Other people love books. I love books. I am currently involved with one right now that has captured every free minute of my day. But while I don’t spend money anymore on magazines, I do enjoy the casual browse at the bookstore or at the check out line and I have consistently enjoyed Marie Claire because they have always tried to have one section devoted to women from different cultures, the challenges they face, and the injustice being done in some cases - overall Marie Claire has been good for a bit of teensy tiny bit of brain activity along with the fashion fluff. Which is why I find their next issue so f&cking hilarious. Seriously…are they for real? Take a look at Ashlee Simpson on the cover of July Marie Claire in which she talks about having positive self image and loving yourself for what you are, and not what you look like - you know, the whole beauty is on the inside message that not enough people really believe. The sheer idiocy of this exercise is obvious. Ashlee, with her new nose and her new lips and her new IV-drip assisted little body, really is in no position to pontificate on the merits of positive self esteem, especially to an audience of teenage girls. It"s one thing, however, for Ashlee to try and pass this sh*t off like she really believes it but it"s another thing entirely for Marie Claire to put it in their pages and not expect a worldwide eye roll at their stupidity! Couldn"t they at least have found someone whose hypocrisy wasn"t so readily apparent? And recent? And then to include these ridiculous quotes??? "She"s (Ashlee) had it with Hollywood"s twisted view of feminine beauty. Her goal: to get women to appreciate their diverse shapes and sizes. Along with a group of teens, Simpson sends the kind of messages we all want to hear." Ashlee says: "Everyone is made different, and that"s what makes us beautiful and unique. I want girls to look in the mirror and feel confident." Yes, yes. Of course fashion magazines are evil. And of course they all perpetuate unrealistic ideals. But I"d personally much rather flip through Anna Wintour"s subversive little messages than this phony feelgood drivel that Marie Claire has foolishly slapped on their cover. Because being told to "celebrate myself" by Ashlee Simpson is not only hysterically funny, it"s actually kind of insulting. Am I wrong? Did I just expect too much from Marie Claire??? Photos and quotes from Idon"tLikeyouInthatWay