I don’t remember her looking this sculpted before…do you? Not necessarily alarming yet but still, there’s a sharpness to her frame that smells of starvation – the Hollywood kind, you know? A pressured standard of weight loss also found in Ashlee Simpson and Anna Kournikova. It’s the telltale eyebags that gives it away. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway…hit and miss for Carrie over 2 days. Sunday night at the Kennedy Centre Honours was total gorgessity. Soft beautiful gown, great skin, even in poor lighting. At the Billboard Awards? Not so much. Someone said to me recently – everyone looks good in purple. And I totally agreed with her…until now. Because Carrie Underwood looks like ass in purple. Or at least she does in wrinkly purple that doesn’t fit her properly. And the makeup…it’s freakin’ me out – cake simply doesn’t cut it here. Because cake can sometimes be moist, with icing and swirls, and there’s nothing moist or swirly about the dry, old, desert landscape that is Carrie’s face. 24 hours make a huge difference, non? Source