If you"re devoted to Dirty Dancing, the original of course, in which Baby should never be put in a corner, you should be familiar with Jennifer Grey, once a promising actress with a bright future and a unique, hawkey kinda nose - distinctive, different, delightful. And then she changed it. And something went horribly wrong. As she puts it - the surgeon went too far, she ended up with not just an improved nose but a completely new nose altogether, and the worst part - no one recognised her. So much so that she stopped getting work. The rest is Hollywood history. Which is why 90% of you probably went - Jennifer WHO??? So. Ashlee Simpson. New nose, a nice nose, a new face, a very nice face. But not HER face. In fact, it took me a long moment before registering who she was, seen here in LA the other night. Now call me Cruise but I"m pretty sure that’s not a good thing. What say you? Photos from ONTD