Also in Vegas at Pure, Ashlee Simpson and husband Pete Wentz hosted an affair so lame the most high profile guests were Heidi Montag and that Spencer she may or may not have married.

What’s up with all this hosting business? Well, you gotta go where they pay you. So for one night, the new parents left little Bronx at home to earn some cash. After all, no one was bidding for their baby pics, and Ashlee doesn’t exactly have a career.

She does however look great. Even with that surgically rendered generic looking face that, like you, I have a hard time telling apart from the one from High School Musical whose name escapes me and I don’t care enough to google and you shouldn’t care enough to write me about.

As for Ashlee’s sister – Porny’s been playing it low key lately, especially now since her boyfriend is injured AND out of the playoffs. Tell me again why Tony Romo is worth $6 million a year???

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