She’s 26. They’ve been married almost 3 years. Her sister Jessica was also married about the same amount of time to Nick Lachey. She split from him at 25. Young marriages, you know?

Ashlee and Pete Wentz however have a child. They were photographed just a month ago, seemingly fine, with Bronx in LA. They were at a holiday party three weeks before that in Hollywood and all looked ok as well.


“Irreconcilable differences” for these two might not cut it, at least not on the gossip circuit and especially considering that there have been infidelity rumours following them around for a long time. She supposedly doesn’t trust him because he steps out on her when he’s on the road. Supposedly. Between two celebrities, the fame and the youth, you throw her heavy list of issues on top of that – the not eating, the changes in appearance, the insecurity – and, well, their love was not long for the world.

Look out – in the coming days we will find out how angry she is at him. If she’s angry, there will be a public blow-out, not unlike Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. Add Joe Simpson to that combination and the situation gets a lot dirtier.

According to TMZ though Ashlee is asking for spousal support. Let’s see if Pete plays along.

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