EW is reporting that Ashlee Simpson and some other dude have been axed from the new Melrose Place. The official word is that this was the intention all along. I don’t watch the show, but many of you who do have been quite expressive about how she’s the worst part of it. Needless to say, the “read between the lines” conclusion among the masses is that the official word is nice talk for We Fired Her Because She Sucks.

So now what?

What is the relevance of an Ashlee Simpson?

Not being facetious. Strategically, how do you career plan for Ashlee Simpson? She can’t act. She can’t sell records. She changed her face and looks like everybody else. And she’s only 25. That’s a lot of time doing nothing but shopping.

Stupid me.

For celebrities that’s actually a rewarding existence.

This is Ashlee, skinnier than ever and, surprise!, shopping yesterday in Studio City.

Photos from INFphoto.com