Bryce Dallas Howard training photos were posted earlier. Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, and Xavier Samuel also hit the gym yesterday in Vancouver to prep for Eclipse.

In addition to standard personal training however most of the cast will also participate in fight training. Sounds like it’ll be an action-heavy movie. Good. Hopefully this will mean there will be fewer opportunities for Bella and Edward to moon at each other. Jacek once saw a trailer for the first movie and I wondered out loud at him if he could sit through the whole thing.

He said he would prefer getting his ballsack caught in a zipper. I thought that was funny. Twi-Hards probably don’t think it’s funny at all. Twi-Hards probably think Jacek is a million times less of a man than Edward because he’s not romantic.

You want more unromantic?

The other day Jacek managed to score us a half price deal at an expensive golf course. I married a cheap ass. SO cheap. Which is why he was bursting by the time he came back to the car. Big smile across his face. I said to him sarcastically – wow, is this the best day of your life?

And he said – Totally, I’m about to go jerk off in the bush.

I laughed for an hour. I’m STILL laughing.

Edward Cullen would never say such things.

Anyway, between training sessions, I’m told the actors are still at wardrobe fittings and make up consultations, and also individual meetings with David Slade. Everyone gets some personal director time.

More interesting production details later this week. Will keep you posted.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images