Written by Sarah

Late last night The Hollywood Reporter, Esq. broke the news that members of the Twilight cast are holding out for a bigger payday on Breaking Dawn, thus even further delaying the officially official announcement that Twilights 4 & 5: Romance of the Forest will go into production. Apparently Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are nearing an agreement with Summit Entertainment, and some of the cast members have already signed on. So who’s causing the delay? THR Esq. says it’s the Cullen cast, particularly Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz.


I thought so. If you don’t know Twilight, they play Alice and Emmett Cullen respectively. Their Twilight fame made them kinda sorta in demand and now they feel entitled to make bank. Granted, Twilight rakes in the dough, but these two aren’t doing the heavy lifting. Lutz barely speaks and Greene’s character is written out of most of Breaking Dawn. As far as bargaining chips go, that’s pretty weak. And Summit has already unceremoniously dumped one actress over alleged money squabbles, so Greene and Lutz better have some good leverage, or one of them might find themselves out on their ass come this fall when production is slated to begin. It almost reads as a warning, yes? You can hear the threat--we've done it before and will do it again. Money talks are sensitive. To let this kind of information land in a trade publication tells me that negotiations must be breaking down. And to give specific names--it's the shot across the bow before the ship is sunk.

Still, it’s enough to send the Twihards into a tizzy. There will be petitions to save a beloved cast member, expressions of outrage and their special brand of crazy directed at Summit. But come June 30, 2010--and November 18, 2011, when Breaking Dawn opens--they will still line up in droves for these movies. If Summit knows the fans will see it regardless of casting, why should they shell out top dollar for second-tier, second-rate actors?

Here are some photos of Ashley Greene out and about in LA recently, on a totally unplanned photo op trip to Starbucks.

Written by Sarah

Photos from Flynetonline.com